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Ch. Geor-Jan's Zurich, ROM , OFA Hips & Elbows
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Am./Can. Sel. Ch. Kismet's Heart Throb, ROM  X  Ch. Geor-Jan's Steel Magnolia, ROM

Owners: Ed & Jane Wessler and Charlotte LaRosa

At 6 years of age, Zurich completed his ROM.

Zurich's Progeny:

flo7.gif (169 bytes) CH. Frohlich's Elitest
flo6.gif (169 bytes) CH. Frohlich's Coltrain
flo1.gif (169 bytes) CH. Frohlich's Alpine Symphony CD.
flo7.gif (169 bytes) CH. Frohlich's Night Magic
flo6.gif (169 bytes) CH. Frohlich's Caprice
flo1.gif (169 bytes) CH. Lila v Reinlandsgold
flo7.gif (169 bytes) Ch. Tara-Airway Carly's Legend V KCK
flo6.gif (169 bytes) Ch. Frohlich's Kira Nerys
flo1.gif (169 bytes) Frohlich's Daydream
flo7.gif (169 bytes) Tara's By-George of Frohlich

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